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Our passion is helping dog owners understand their dogs.

We are eager to help you with your dog challenges, and improve the communication between you and your dog.

You love your dog,
but is he driving you crazy?
Most dog behavior problems stem from your dog 
not understanding what you want, and that comes from not knowing how to communicate effectively with your dog. We can show you how.
You have a new puppy.  
Now what?

There's so much that puppies need to learn starting right when you bring them home. Let me help you get started correctly so you can have the well-trained companion you want.

​​ Dog
$20 for 30 Minutes
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Training sessions last about 30 minutes. The length of the sessions vary according to the individual needs of your dog. The number of sessions depends on the training situation, and is entirely up to you.
  1. $20 per 30 minute session
    The foundation for any dog training begins with basic commands and manners. These simply make living together easier. This includes Come, Sit, Stay, House Training, and Leash Training. Once the groundwork is solidly in place, more complex and creative commands can be taught.
    Basic Commands and Manners
  2. $20 per day
    We recommend that you bring your puppy here for Play Days at least twice a week for socializing. Play Days are also available for adult dogs.
    Play Days
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