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Leash and Collar
Pet Sitting
Are You Looking for Professional pet care?
Leash and Collar Pet Services provides pet owners with professionalreliable, ​and individualized ​care for their pets.​​
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Pet Sitting
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At Leash and Collar Pet Services, the safety and well-being of your pets is our top priority.
We take every precaution to provide a clean, fun environment where you can feel confident
that your pet(s) is safe and enjoying their time while they are away from you. 
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​​ Dog
​​ Potty Breaks
​​ Dog
Play Days
Do you spend every
lunch break going home 
to let your dog out for a
potty break?

We'll stop by mid-day
and do it for you.

Reguar exercise
is so important
for your dog's health,
and it's fun!
Drop off your dog
at our home for play time, socialization,
and  to enjoy some
new dog friends.
$20 for 30 Minutes
​Up to 4 Visits per Day
$20 for 30 Minutes
$20 per day, flexible hours
​​ Dog Boarding 
Our House
​​Pet  ​Sitting
Your House
​​ Pet Taxi 
Can’t get your dog to us for a Play Day or to the groomer?

Do you need pet food, litter

or pet other supplies?

We are available for drop-offs, pick-ups, and deliveries.​
Includes meals, potty breaks, litter box tidying, play time, bringing in your mail, watering plants, etc., and staying with them overnight.
Your dog can stay in our
home when you go
out of town. Just like being at home, but safely under our watchful, loving care.
$55  for 12 Hours
$65  for 12 Hours
$20 per Trip
Dog Training
Pet Food Comparison
Most dog behavior problems stem from your dog not understanding what you want, and that comes from not knowing how to communicate effectively with your dog.

We can show you how.
​​​As your aging or ill dog approaches the time
when they must leave you,
you may want some help.​​

We are here to assist you in taking care of whatever arrangements you want for your companion.

Why is Walking Your Dog
SO Important?
$20 for 30 Minutes
$50 Flat Fee
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